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Tullamore Community Radio was founded in February 2017 with the aim of providing a community radio service to Offaly’s County town Tullamore and the surrounding environs. The station currently broadcasts online seven days a week, 24 hours per day. The founding members are Tommy Mccabe, Jason Maye and Liam Dumpleton.
The station is managed by a company ‘Tullamore Community Radio’ which has a board of eight directors elected from the general membership. The membership is made up of various groups representing local statutory agencies, voluntary and local business groups and individual members of the community.
Our radio station operates with the co-operation and support of CRAOL. CRAOL, also called the Community Radio Forum of Ireland, is the representative, co-ordinating, lobbying, training and support group for Irish Community Radio. Every week, across Ireland, 2000 Community radio volunteers broadcast to 170,000 people in 20 fully licensed stations and 30 aspirant stations.
The inaugural meeting of Tullamore Community Radio took place on April 4th 2017 with the initial aim of establishing a group of local volunteers interested in forming a working group to establish a radio station that would serve their town. Since then, we have had many meetings and more volunteers have joined.
Station Manager is Tommy McCabe. Tommy, a well known DJ and veteran radio presenter has over 35 years experience in radio, both in production and presenting. Tommy is also Company CEO.
Fellow founder Jason Maye has a wealth of experience in setting up community radio and has invaluable experience in the world of business.
Regina Ryan is Company chairman and Secretary. .

Programming is very much community based, mixed in with other topics of general interest to the listeners and this is broken down into fifty five percent music, with a broad range including pop,country classical,middle of the road traditional and a range of specialist music such as jazz and other genres. Local musicians will also heavily feature.
The remaining forty five percent of programming is devoted to community issues, current affairs, magazine and specialist programmes in education, health, environment sport and the Irish Language.
In addition, there has been a particular focus on specific target groups such as active retirement groups, women’s groups and young people.
The station will regulary engages in outside broadcasts from within the community and focuses on special community events.

Each year the station aims to organises training for volunteers in co-operation with local schools and Vocational Education Committees, Further Education Services. New volunteers are given induction training in the station before going on air.

The station raises its income mainly from donations from local bodies, grant aid from funding bodies and limited advertising and sponsorship (limited by BAI). A number of fund raising activities are organised annually as well. A membership scheme also is also in place. Local businesses in Tullamore are also very supportive in their efforts.

Staffing in the station is made up of local volunteers and enthusiastic members of the community. Here is a link to our Current Team

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