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A native to Killeigh, Hazel Ward has known since a very early age she would find her place in the world lies in Music. From early roots in the Killeigh Parish Children’s Choir, to later becoming a founding member of Tullamore’s very own ‘Academy Chamber Choir’ who would be acclaimed on both a national and international stage.

Her love for music wasn’t satisfactory enough; Hazel was committed to advancing her knowledge and became one of the first students to ever graduate from B.I.M.M. Dublin’s BA Honors degree in Commercial Modern Music.

After spending 4 years studying Vocals, Hazel knew she was closer to finding her own voice.

Having varied musical outlets has given both creative freedom and experience to Hazel over the years; from performing as a solo artist at Tullamore’s own ‘Phoenix Festival’ to appearing on TV3’s ‘The Apprentice’ for an original music task. Hazels songwriting skills had her selected as Tom Dunne’s ‘Demo of The Day’ on Newstalk’s search for Irelands best new songwriter, then going on to have an original song placed in a critically acclaimed film ‘A Date for Mad Mary’. Hazel has found herself collaborating musically both at home and abroad.

From working with A-List songwriters to mentorship by a Music Industry Veteran, the Killeigh native has certainly dedicated time and energy to pursuing her passion for music.

Upon seeing that Tullamore Community Radio was seeking volunteers, Hazel knew quickly that she would love this new challenge. From taking up headphones to present her own Saturday Night show, to reaching out to local communities in a bid to gain knowledge and share their events or workshops with the dedicated listeners of Tullamore Community Radio.

This new position has allowed Hazel to expand her own local contact base and share the good work of these organisations which are vital within the local community.

Tullamore Community Radio brings home excellent music, local news and an important voice for the people of Tullamore.
Hazel Ward